Location: 80 Denslow Rd, East Longmeadow MA
*Summer session is a six week class.     
Fee: $100 for full session

To register call: (413) 563-9809

Children's Music Programming

This is a live, interactive early childhood music program specifically designed for children aged 3-5 years old and their caregiver. In this age group, children are ready to create, learn and explore through simple songs and rhythmic activities. Renee Coro, board certified music therapist, will engage the children in music and movement as they are introduced to the world around them through song! They will have opportunities to create music of their very own through singing, instrumental play and movement. This program also foster’s skills following directions, turn-taking, listening,  and self-expression. 

  *For ages 3-5 years old

Holiday Themes
Things that Go!, Cars, Trucks, Planes and Trains
On Safari
Off to the Beach!
Animal Themes
Kindergarden Readiness
All About Me!
Community Helpers
Music from around the world-Multi Cultural
Sibling Progams

“Tune in Together”

Family Jam is an interactive music program for the whole family! Come make music, create songs and join in on some musical based games specifically designed for you and your children aged 5-10 years old and their caregivers. This program is open to all: parents, grandparents, older/younger siblings and anyone you consider family!

*Inter-generational Programs: Grandparent/Grandchild, Seniors/Children
*Special Event Programs: Kindergarden readiness, Holiday Celebrations, Pre-K Graduations, and Children's Concerts!

Additional Programming that can be designed for your program:

"Family Jam"

​(but not limited to those listed)

Ready, Set, Rock!

Harmonious Happenings 
Music Therapy


“Tune in Together” is a live, interactive early childhood music program that joins children of different ages and their families to learn and interact together through music. In this class, your child will be engaged by active music making experiences that are designed to support their development of their cognitive, communicative, social and physical skills. Renee Coro, board certified music therapist, will guide parents on how the experience for children of different ages will be unique to their individual child. Get ready to sing, move and play as we learn together and make new friends! This is also a great class for siblings, twins and friends and will give you lots of new ways to incorporate music in your family time at home.
  *For ages birth to 5 years old

New early childhood music programs offered this summer

at the Somers and Stafford Public Libraries!